a look inside Ice, my first novella.

I am an emerging writer, and I have just started writing my first novella Ice. Ice is part crime thriller, part Latin-American style magical realism, Ice is sure to be a satisfying read. Here is the synopsis:

The people of Minterville, Georgia know that something is wrong in their once-idyllic community. The reclusive and mistrustful people of Minterville are uneasy about the presence of two suspicious families, the Quirogas and the de los Santos. Since their arrival six months prior, the people of Minterville have lost The Minter, a form of telepathic communication available only to them. Because The Minter cannot function in the presence of evil, the community concludes that the Quirogas and the de los Santos have sinister motives for settling into the community.

Mayor Tom Watson and Police Chief Andy Thompson have been trying desperately to figure out the reason for the families’ sudden entrance into Minterville. The reason becomes clears one Friday morning: they have been sent by Manuela Escribano (aka the “Ice Queen”), a powerful and vindictive drug lord, to collect an old drug debt. Unfortunately, it is too late; Escribano’s diabolical plan to ensure payment has already been set into motion. Time is of the essence; Tom, Chief Andy, and the rest of Minterville must act quickly before innocent people die and their beloved community is destroyed forever.

Now you, my dear blog reader, are going to get some “hints.” These are not spoilers, just little tidbits that i hope will arouse your curiosity:

1. A trusted, beloved member of the community is hiding a deadly secret.

2. One character loves to play practical jokes. Two of his pranks later help save lives.

3. In the process of trying to save their community, the people of Minterville also solve another decades-old crime. The results will shock you…

4. One of the 40+ members of the crime gang makes a startling videotaped confession. Some of the things she says will rattle the town to its core.

5. Finally, Ice has a happy, heartwarming ending that will leave you feeling satisfied.

Pick up your copy of ice in the Amazon Kindle Store. You will not be disappointed.



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