Currently Working On..”Tragedy”

I am making fairly reasonable progress on my second novel, Tragedy,in spite of being a full time teacher and a full time mother to a seven-month-old. Writing is my outlet; it helps reduce stress better than anything else.

Inspired by the Law and Order series, Tragedy is a crime thriller about a veteran homicide detective and his new partner who are simultaneously working two complicated cases that will come together with bone-chilling results. Unlike my first novel IceTragedy will be narrated in the third person.

A brief synopsis: Sgt. Ben Zeigler and his new partner, Detective Angela McGuire, are investigating the murder of a 20-year-old loner. A suspect confesses to the murder, but forensics show that he could have have possibly been the shooter. The detectives know that he did not act alone, and look into his strange family for clues. Meanwhile, a spike in the number of apparent suicides on the (fictional) University of Savannah campus makes the detectives believe that a serial killer may be at work. But what they eventually find out shocks even Ben, who has been on the Homicide Unit for many years.

I am finding that I am writing the story in bits and pieces, writing down the chapters as they come to my mind, not necessarily in any particular order. In fact, I wrote the epilogue last night. With ice, i used the same back-to front approach, and it seemed to work best.

I will keep my readers posted on the progress of Tragedy. meanwhile, please check out Ice. You won’t be disappointed.


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