Just in time for Halloween!. Ice is literally a bone-chilling crime thriller about a small town that is brutalized by a vicious drug lord over a decades-old debt.

Here are a few character spotlights:

1. Sebastian Quiroga-sadistic, murderous, and violent even towards his own family, he is pure evil.

2. Stephanie Thompson-A cat-loving high school senior whose friendship with Quiroga’s battered daughter reaps her great rewards.

3. Robbie Jenkins-his biggest fear is losing Stephanie Thompson, the love of his life.

4. Barbara Jenkins-not very friendly, but her gardening skills are quite literally divine.

5. Kendra Watson-comforts herself after her grandfather’s death by making jewelry, a hobby that eventually makes her very rich.

6. Natalia de los Santos-fear of her violent uncle Sebastian prevents her from following her conscience, but she is determined to make amends as best she can.

To read Ice:


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