Ice Character Spotlight-Elliot Atkinson

Elliot Atkinson

Age: 17

Occupation: High school student

Family: Lily Thompson Atkinson (mother), Elliot Atkinson, Sr. (father, deceased), Andy and Jill Thompson (uncle and aunt), Stephanie and Madison Thompson (cousins).

Friends: Tommy Watson, Robbie Jenkins, Liza Cobb, Tate Shields, Logan Canfield, Tanya Shields (girlfriend).

Hobbies: playing football, sleeping in, drinking coffee

Importance in the Story: Elliot is the narrator of Parts 1 and 5. He is the first to notice a major clue that something is wrong.

Elliot is loosely based on my husband Patrick as a teenager.

To read Ice:

For UK customers:

Note: I am also working on a Spanish version of Ice. I am fluent enough in Spanish that I can do this.


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