Indie Book be Seen-a support site for indie writers

I firmly believe that writing is different than most industries. Instead of trying to beat out the competition, you get ahead by supporting one another. Because readers can enjoy more than one book, there is no need to try to compete with other writers.

The support I have received from other indie writers has been invaluable to me. I have received honest feedback. The other writer has told me what he or she liked about my work as well as given me room for improvement (and no one, as of this writing, has ever been rude or nasty or told me “this sucks.”)This has helped build my confidence as a writer as well as make new connections.

The website is a great support system for indie writers. Currently, they are doing a “giveaway” in which all participating writers commit to giving a free hard copy of their book to the winners of a drawing on December 15. If you are interested or know someone who is, please pass along this information to them.

Once again the website is You can also follow them on Twitter at #indiebooksbeseen (@MarkThe Shaw).


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