Author Spotlight-Dean C. Moore

So, how is The Warlock’s Friend categorized?Like the shape-shifters who are its characters, It is absolutely the only work I have ever read that could morph into any genre. The main genre is fantasy, but it is also comical, erotic, science fiction and a tad dystopian. Moore is clearly very skilled at creating multi-genre works that satisfy. His writing skills are superb. Mr. Moore can write at an educated level without being so esoteric that the reader can’t follow him

A Warlock’s Friends follows a rag-tag team from Thesdor who are trying to obtain crystals from the city of Werth. The team consists of a half-human hunter named Heldor, a cosmopolitan witch named Cleo, an ordinary adolescent boy named Winston who can create monsters from his dreams, a vampire named Damian, a pint-sized wizard named Munich, and Silian. The novel follows them on their adventures as they find that even with all of their magic combined, they are still at times ill-equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead of them All characters are so fully developed that you feel you know them. The good-natured banter between the members of the group is hilarious.

One of the most interesting aspects of this story is the irrelevancy of the time-space continuum. In one scene they are holding a Roman-Senate style meeting, and in the next, they are in the city full of modern technology. There are surrealistic images, such as the very large laundromat, that hints at a Salvador Dali painting. Neither time nor space seems to matter, as the characters can teleport at will and everything from the Egyptian pyramids to the modern-day events in New York are mentioned casually as one of the characters describe them as an event they witnessed. And quotes such as “Nothing numbs the mind into unconsciousness faster than getting anything you want,” “The future is not set in stone. it is up to us to change it with our actions” and “Hold onto your dreams too tight, they slip away from you like the sand between your fingers. You have to trust a little that the universe knows just what you need,” ad an irresistible philosophical element.

A little Logan’s Run, a touch of Chronicles of Narnia, a dash of Happy Potter, and a generous helping of Dante’s Inferno, creates, in my opinion, a modern -day masterpiece. Well done. Mr. Moore. I am going to play the role of Cleo for a second and play Spin the Bones….I see a movie deal in your future.

To read The Warlock’s Friend:


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