Author Spotlight-Kerry Reis

Would you elope with the man you were in love with just because you “knew” he was “the one?” What if he called you in the middle of the night and asked you to pick him up from a deserted location, and when you showed, he looked like he had been to hell and back? And, he was secretive about his behavior? Ali had enough faith in her Ryan that she did that in this heartwarming tale that centers around the importance of family and sticking together.

In Reis’ Legacy Discovered Charles Barnett, Jr (aka Ryan Prescott), assumes the identity of his deceased college roommate so he can escape his domineering father and start a new life with the woman he loves. His wife and children are none the wiser, and even when he is outed sixteen years later, Ali still has complete faith in her husband. This story leaves readers anxious to learn if Ryan/Charlie, Jr. will eventually reconcile with his father.

The most clear themes of Legacy Discovered are family, forgiveness, and reconciliation. But Reis also explores themes of corporate dominance, class warfare, and the simple life vs. “keeping up with the Joneses.” The novel contains some delightful characters, among them Charlie Jr.’s mother, Hilary and his best friend and fellow attorney, Henry. Reis’ message is clear that “everything happens for a reason and will work out in the end.”This is a satisfying novel that leaves no loose ends, and readers will be pleased.

To read Legacy Discovered:


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