Author Spotlight-Deandra Stephanos

Dean is an imaginative but somewhat misfit young boy. In his spare time, he likes to build things and spend time with his imaginary friend, Penny. However, as he approaches middle age, he suffers three broken marriages, increasing debt, and attacks of anxiety and depression. More and more, he escapes into his world of fantasy (and in alcohol). One night, after a drunken spree, he orders a Titanium Sapphire Laser, which activates his Phenomon, He decides to experiment with his fantasy-and in time, learns that his world of fantasy is not so imaginary. Indeed, he was the one who has been predestined to be the Seer, the one chosen to unite the seven lost worlds and free them from the domination of the bellicose, fearsome Shiraz race.After a failed mission, Dean is lost-and is reborn as Dee. Then the real adventures begin…..

In this light-speed science fiction thriller, Stephanos takes her readers to other worlds-literally. The book is so full of action that it actually leaves you with a pleasant feeling of disorientation (similar to what you would feel after riding a carnival ride). As Dean/Dee go on several adventures, the reader braces for impact, as there seems to be danger around every corner. There is no end to the suspense.

However, the book also has a very human element and explores more earthly themes of love, relationships, and friendship Dean/Dee’s friends-Penny, Karen, Kara, Claire, Cheryl, Theus, and many others-provide voices of reason for the excitable and somewhat unstable protagonist. The characters are very believable and likable. The reader will grow quite fond of characters and will be sad to see some of them die. Stephanos (whose knowledge of astrophysics is extremely impressive) also explores the themes of advanced technology, social politics, energy conservation, alternative energy sources, and public opinion/relations.

If you are craving a high-speed, action-packed thriller, I highly recommend I Am Dee. 

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