Jessica’s List-The Fabulous Fourteen

When i first embarked on this career path, I expected that I would have to read, as I put in an earlier post, “pure shit.” I have just finished my fourteenth indie book review, and let me tell you: crow doesn’t taste very good.

The fourteen indie authors I have read are amazingly talented and I have been in awe at their writing abilities. My gratitude to Amazon for providing these amazing men and women to showcase their work has increased exponentially.

Since I do a lot of author spotlights on this page, I am thinking of starting a new website called where I write full reviews and feature talented indie authors. Here is a list (in no particular order) of the wonderful indie books I have had the pleasure of reading and reviewing so far:

1. Transitory by Ian Williams

2. Tissue of Lies by Carole Parkes

3. A Cry from the Shadows by Emma Burton (which, unfortunately, is no longer available on Amazon).

4. The Spartak Trigger by Bryce Allen

5. Johnny Nothing by Ian Probert

6. Imogene’s Message by Christine Sherborne

7. A Game of Greed and Deception by John Matthews

8. The Forgotten Mission: The Return by Jonathan Taylor

9. The Warlock’s Friend: The Crystal Spears by Dean Moore

10. Operation Ivy Bells by Robert Williscroft

11. Legacy Discovered by Kerry Reis

12. The Space Between by Tristan Cruz

13. An Immigrant’s Journey: From Illiteracy to Becoming an English Teacher by M.A. Demle

14. I Am Dee by Deandra Stephanos

Please reblog/retweet/reshare/etc. to make sure these talented authors get the recognition they deserve. Thank you kindly, Jessica


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