Author Spotlight-Amily Clark

I have never reviewed erotica before, so please don’t  think I’m weird when I sat that Clark’s werewolf erotica trilogy Ripped was surprisingly hot. I resisted reading the Twilight series just for that very reason: because I thought the vampire/werewolf/human girl thing was just bizarre and couldn’t understand how people could into it.Now after reading Ripped, I may consider giving Twilight a whirl.

The Ripped series are a trilogy of werewolf erotica short stories. During a full moon, Fiona, a college students, discovers that her sexy buy standoffish classmate Kyle is actually a werewolf. Fiona’s scent acts a powerful aphrodisiac on Kyle, and the resulting mutual attraction is electric.

Pure lust and  animalism, this trilogy was surprisingly hot. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from a werewolf erotica series, but what I got was a pleasant surprise. Congrats, Ms. Clark. When can we see a Ripped novel??


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