Author Spotlight-A.J. James

Crave: The Grigori Celestial Chronicles is a love story that is quite literally as old as human history. James takes the reader on a journey through Heaven, Hell, and every space and dimension in between in her divinely erotic tale. The novel is based on the Apocryphal Book of Enoch as well as different portions of the traditional Bible, and introduces the reader to the “Sons of God” and the “Nephilim” that are mentioned in Genesis 6. It explains that the angels took human women as wives in direct violation of God’s command. Their children were a human/angel hybrid known as the Nephilim, some of whom became so wicked and destructive that God created the Great Flood specifically to destroy them. However, a small number of these Nephilim survived the Flood and continue to survive to the present day.
One of these ‘fallen angels” is Arma’ros, who, in spite of his sincere attempts to fulfill his duties in accordance to plan, finds he is deeply in love with a human woman named Zo’ana. As punishment for his relationship with Zo’ana, he is condemned to spend seventy human generations on Earth, where he waits many lifetimes for his love to be reborn. She finally is, and the reunited couple have a task ahead of them that has the potential to change eternity…
I was highly impressed with James’ ability to tell a religious-based tale so objectively. She neither endorses nor condemns any religion. What she does condemn is violence, atrocities, and human-rights violations committed in the name of religion. Her use of language is beautiful, and her descriptions are very thorough. Clearly, the novel has been very well-researched prior to writing.  The best part of the novel is the way the readers can feel the deep emotions felt by Arma’ros and Zo’ana/Zoe, as they go through divine and earthly joy and pain. James’ description of the sex scenes are so gorgeously painted that I will use the term again: divinely erotic.
Crave may offer an alternative the way you think about religion and spirituality. It might not be a book for closed-minded fundamentalists or for anyone who desires to use religion as a means of control. However, if you are interested in a more humanized, unique, and exciting perspective on the history of many ancient, sacred texts, check out Crave: The Grigori Celestial Chronicles. “
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