Author Spotlight-Steeltamashii

“Do you ever wonder if you have a greater purpose in life? What if you had a recurring dream that indicated that you would be doing great things in the future? In Steeltamashii’s Tales of a Neverending Fantasy: Episode One,  Sid Bellamy, a knight in the Realm of Life, is unsatisfied with his position as guard of the castle, and yearns for a real adventure. When he gets word that the six Titans of Destruction (who had previously destroyed civilization before entering a state of dormancy) have awakened, the overeager Sid sets off to destroy the Titans (directly in violation of the King’s orders). His best friend, Princess Rena, who is equally bored in her sheltered life, insists on joining them, and together, they encounter dangers as they set off defeating the Titans.
Just as much as this book is about adventure, heroism, and following one’s dreams/heart, it is also about friendship. The bond between the main characters is one of the best parts of the story. I was also mesmerized by the author’s beautiful geographical descriptions (of forests, deserts, an oasis). This is Part One of a Series, and I am looking forward to seeing what’s in store for Sid and his crew.”
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