Author Spotlight-Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw is a pioneer in the movement to get indie books noticed. He is the founder of the hashtag (and corresponding promotional group) #indiebooksbeseen. His motto is “making indie trendy.” He is also an indie writer himself, and one day I got to thinking that maybe his work needs some recognition. I picked up Keeper of the Wind and got a pleasant treat.

In Keeper of the Wind, three high school seniors wander away from a school camping trip and get lost in a cave, where they discover some Indian artifacts. They post the items for sale on eBay, and are immediately contacted by Professor Waters, an anthropologist, and Justin Sigo, a malevolent shaman. Of particular interest is a staff that has the power to control the winds. A stand-off ensues that will culminate in an epic battle of good vs. evil.

Through his work, Shaw reflects a deep respect for Native American cultures, and for other cultures in general. The teenagers speak using adolescent street slang, which gives the book a humorous element and takes the edge off its more serious themes (respect, tolerance, justice) Readers will also feel nostalgia for their own teenage experiences (first love, prom, going out with friends, graduation, etc.). A highly recommended read.

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