Author Spotlight-Chess Desalls

The concept of time travel has been around for a long time. It is depicted in many science fiction movies and novels, such as The Time Machine, Doctor Who, and more recently, Back to the future. While reading Travel Glasses: The Call to Search Everywhen Book 1 by Chess Desalls, it is very easy to make the comparison to Back to the Future. Since I have very little understanding of time travel, I focused more on the characters. 18-year-old Calla Winston (basically a female counterpart to Marty McFly) is wondering around by her dock one day when she is struck by a bright light. Next, she is “rescued” by a strange figure in dark glasses who calls himself Valcas. The two then begin a series of adventures and misadventures, that will both draw the reclusive Calla out of her shell and help her begin to understand some of the secrets to her past. After a hurtful betrayal, Calla is reluctant to open up to anyone, but when she absconds with the travel glasses and locates their inventor (Valcas’ adorable, eccentric, mad-scientist uncle, arguably one of the best, most well-developed, and sympathetic characters I have ever encountered in a work of fiction) she learns how freeing it is to be able to trust and feel close to someone. The reader will learn the truth about why Valcas went in search of her, and the reasons will have them nearly weeping (just after they get through weeping from another heartwreching scene). Although the plot can use a bit of organization, the characters are so superbly developed that the readers feel an instant connection to them. Get ready for a journey though time and space, courtesy of the Travel Glasses…

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