Sorry, I can’t just pick five.

For the #indieRoar 10-day Challenge, I was asked to name five of my favorite indie authors/books. My first though was “Just five? I can’t do that! That’s like asking me to choose five of my favorite cousins” (and I have a LOT of cousins-all of them cool people).

While There are a lot of rockin’ people in the indie world, for this list I’m naming the folks whose works I have read and reviewed and found inspiring (in alphabetical order by first name). Read on. Maybe you’ll find your next favorite.

1. AJ James (author of Crave: The Celestial Grigori Chronicles)- divinely romantic fantasy suspense about a fallen angel in love with a human woman that will leave you wanting more

2. Alan Stroe (author of Against Her Gentle Sword and related series) there is a “WTF?” Moment at nearly the midway point, but looking past that you will find a thought-provoking young adult dystopian that definitely explores the “what if?”

3. A.S Aramiru (author of Black Halo: The Witch and the Guardian): highly creative and suspenseful, a young adult dystopian that will keep you guessing until the end

4.  Becki Willis (author of the Mirror, Mirror trilogy) three romantic suspense thrillers.

5. Bryce Allen-(author of The Spartak Trigger)- hilarious spy thriller/comedy combo. Interesting narration.

6. Carole Parkes-(Author of Tissue of Lies)- psychological thriller about a woman’s search for her past gone horribly wrong.

7. Catherine Walter-(author of The Harmony of Isis)- the ancient and the modern blend seamlessly in this lyrical tale of a museum curator called upon by the goddess Isis to be a “harmony”

8. Chess Desalls (author of Travel Glasses: The Call to Search Everywhen): young-adult sci-fi about time travel, the butterfly effect, and finding yourself. Best characters ever!

9. Christine Sherbourne (author of Imogene’s Message)- edge-of-your-seat, jarring fantasy/suspense thriller with a very diverse cast of characters.

10. DB Nielsen (author of Seed: Keeper of the Genesis I) suspenseful, romantic fantasy, contains allusions to Jane Eyre and Great Expectations.

11. Dean Moore (author of The Warlock’s Friend: The Crystal Spear)- highly erotic fantasy thriller. Extremely well-written with humorous dialogue.

12. Deandra Stephanos (author of I Am Dee)- fast-paced, heart-pounding sci-fi thriller with just the right touch of romance.

13. Ian Probert (author of Johnny Nothing)- creative, clever kid’s novel reminiscent of A Christmas Story

14. Ian Williams (author of Transitory)- action-packed and thought-provoking sci-fi adventure

15. Jeff Mariotte (author of Empty Rooms)- pure suspense. Fast-paced action, a pedophile-hating main character. You’ll polish this off in a day or so.

13. Jen Winters (author of Kissing Demons: The Guardians Novel 1): highly erotic fantasy thriller with a kick-ass female main character.

14. Jessica Wren (author of Ice: Minterville Series Book 5 (?))- What, is it bad form to like your own work? Paranormal psychological thriller in a small-town setting. I’ve been compared to Stephen King several times.

15. John Matthews (author of A Game of Greed and Deception)- fast-paced cat-and-mouse psychological thriller

16.  Jonathan Taylor (author of The Forgotten Mission: The Return)- sci-fi thriller about government conspiracies

17. KD Forsman (author of Fraud and Fabrication: The Leighton Park Series)-I just started this one and I’m finding it very hard to put down

18.  Linda Prather (author of Beyond a Reasonable Doubt): fast-paced pure crime thriller starring an ass-kicking female district attorney who, not surprisingly, reminds me of Alex Cabot.

19. MA Demle (author of An Immigrant’s Journey to Success)- memoir of the author’s childhood in rural Ethiopia to his voyage to Israel, and finally to the U.S. He taught himself Hebrew and English and this book includes lots of language-learning tips.

20.Mark Shaw- (author of The Keeper of the Wind)- young adult fantasy thriller that teaches about multiculturalism.

21. Michael Fedison (author of The Eye-Dancers)-young-adult action adventure about four young boys who go on an unforgettable adventure.

22. M.K. Graff(author of The Scarlet Wench: A Nora Tierney Mystery)-still working on this cute, cozy mystery, but loving it so far.

23.Phillip T. Stephens (author of Cigerets, Guns, and Beer): hilariously spoofish and highly erotic cat-and-mouse thriller

24.. Robert Williscroft (author of Operation Ivy Bells)- Cold War-era military thriller.

25. Roger Laidig (author of Finding Purpose and Joy: It’s a Journey)- one of only two nonfiction I have reviewed to date. Insightful, informative, Christian-based advice about how to free yourselves from self-inflicted stressors.

26. Stone Marshall (author of Rescue Island: Flynn’s Log 1)- based on the Minecraft game, a cute young adult adventure

27.Tristan Cruz (author of The Space Between)- high-drama romance/suspense combo.

28. Vanessa Wester (co-author of A Festive Feast)- collection of short stories revolving around Christmas. From hilarious to heartwarming, these Yuletide tales will entertain you when the weather outside is frightful.

And a shout-to the equally awesome authors on my TBR list (NOT all-inclusive)

1. Lynne Murray (author of Gravitas)

2. Ryan Guy (author of Atomic Aardvark)

3. EL Ervin author of Michael Hanson and the Desolate Woods)

4. Cleo DeLancey (author of Kieran the Pirate)(

5. CK Dawn (author of Cloak of Shadows)

6. Miranda Shanklin (author of Soul Journey)

7. Tom (Fallwell (author of A Whisper in the Shadows)

8. Veronica DelRosa

9. Lu Whitley

10. Kelly Marsden

11. Jamie Jeffries

12. Maggie Thom

13. Rochelle Campbell

14. Markie Jordan

15. Sunshine Somerville

16. Stephanie Stacker

17. Julie Nichols

18. Julie Ramsey

19. JC Brennan

20. MarnieCate


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