Author Spotlight-KD Forsman

Since my time reviewing indie books, I have met many fabulous, outstanding talented authors. But it’s rare that I find a novel that simply won’t allow me to put it down. Fraud and Fabrication: Leighton Park: Cassandra by Kd Forsman was one of those novels. It had been on my to-read list forever, and now that I’m out of school for the summer, I thought I’d catch up on my reviews. Ms. Forsman’s novel was at the top of my list, so I settled in for a few hours’ reading.

I started yesterday at noon, and felt slightly resentful when I had to stop to deal with mundane tasks. Today, I continued at noon and it is now 3:30. I polished the whole thing off in just two sittings.

A delightful wild ride of a thriller, Fraud and Fabrication revolves around Cass, who, after a bad break-up, is relieved to find work at the top-notch horse-breeding ranch, Leighton Park. The gruff patriarch, John Leighton, is well-known for his iron-fisted ways, but is generous and respectful to Cass. When she meets Geoff, John’s son who’s someone of a black sheep, she feels certain she’s met her soul mate–and ignores giant red flags that something is amiss at the ranch and the family has a bad habit of keeping secrets and putting on a persona. Even after she and Geoff marry and have a child, she continues to deny anything is wrong. Until the moment comes when she cannot ignore it any longer.

The characters are so well-crafted that you just can’t help but feeling for them. Cass, who’s fiercely independent but also unwilling to let go of her fairy-tale domestic life, her shady father-in-law, her seemingly charming brother-in-law Johnno (who shows a more sinister side to his personality later), John’s alcoholic and grating but somehow endearing girlfriend Cheree, who has an unexpected nurturing, maternal side, Cass’s best friend Hannah, the ultimate partner-in-crime, and of course Geoff, who believes that by creating the ultimate domestic paradise for his new wife, he can hide from her some of the less palatable sides to his personality.

You pretty much got my point that the plot is completely engrossing and will make you feel like you’re riding a wild horse without a rein.

Which brings me to one of the best parts of this book: Ms. Forsman obvious love for and knowledge of horses is present throughout. I learned so much about horses, their care, the way they are traded, and their value in a lucrative horse-racing industry than I ever knew before just by reading Fraud and Fabrication. (i think it was pretty obvious to anyone who’s ever read Ice that my knowledge of horse-breeding is at best, very basic).

 Check out this equine-themed mystery/thriller today: I promise you your heart will gallop and it will be difficult to put the reins on your reading time.


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