Brain to Books Blog Tour- K.P. Merriweather

Between the Beats

Fast Facts
Author: K.P. Merriweather
Genre: Psychological
Book: Borderline of the Agency series

Official Site

I ignore the haters and naysayers while churning out literary pulp and epic saga doorstoppers in Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Psychological Thriller genres. While not writing, I also program retro-style gaming awesomeness for Windows and Android. I still reside somewhere in St. Louis, Mo

What you see is what you get.

Erik Hart gets in over his head when he accidentally breaks an important company computer while on reassignment. Unwilling to lose his job, he agrees to pay for it by working for the cruel taskmaster Zachary, an enigmatic man who seemingly knows more than he lets on…

When Erik becomes a target for breakneck enforcers, he finds rogue scientists willing to help him disappear if he can finish one final job in return. His search for answers leads him to a powerful…

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