MInterville Series

After publishing my debut novel, Ice, I felt the need to tell the entire story of Minterville and its most important characters. Currently, Ice is the only published title, but there will be more to come. Specifically, the sequel, Shivers is in the planning stages and scheduled for publication next year.

About Ice: In Minterville, Georgia, the residents live in relative seclusion, partly to keep crime out of their small, tranquil community, and partly to prevent the world from finding out about The Minter, a form of telepathy that interconnects them and gives them a sense of unity.

Then The Minter, which cannot function in the presence of evil, stops working. Mayor Tom Watson suspects that two families who had recently moved to town have ties to Manuela Escribano (known as the Ice Queen), a prolific drug lord who, unbeknownst to the rest of Minterville, has a deadly score to settle with Tom.

No one, including Tom, has any idea how deep the Manuela’s desire for revenge runs, until one Friday morning, twenty women disappear. When Manuela sends in a video detailing her diabolical plot to get revenge against Tom and the community that has harbored him for thirty years, Minterville must come together as one to rescue the women before time runs out. They must act quickly, or innocent people will die and their beloved community (and along with it, The Minter) will be destroyed forever.


Check it out here:

About Shivers: Five years after the so-called Minterville massacre, the small Georgia town is still struggling to move on. When Tom Watson gets word that Manuela Escribano is planning another attack on Minterville, he decides to put an end to the reign of the Ice Queen once and for all. Enlisting the help of some of his old friends from Miami, he sets out to teach Manuela a lesson she won’t forget.


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