Author Interview: Markie Madden

This Saturday, we will be celebrating the works of Markie Madden. Come on by if you can!


I want to welcome author Markie Madden who is with us today and has kindly agreed to an interview.

Markie Madden photo

GP:  Tell us about yourself what do you do when you aren’t writing?

MM:  When I’m not writing, I’m marketing or promoting for myself or other authors. When I had cancer, I lost my job and the government considers me disabled, so I do what I can do from home most of the time. When I’m not writing, editing or promoting, I hang out with my family, my 3 rescue dogs, and my horse (who is featured on the cover of my book Keeping a Backyard Horse). Keeping a Backyard Horse cover Markie Madden I’m also an amateur photographer and am learning how to photoshop pictures.

GP:  How would you describe your books to people who’ve never read your work?

MM:  I have a little something for everyone. Unlike many authors, I’ve yet to develop my specific genre…

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