Release Day!! Diablo by Sean Riley

Jen Winters is an Indie Author



Diablo was an intelligent, sensitive child but fate orphaned him to a violent, loveless home life.
Fatherless and raised by a mother who thrived on his humiliation and pain, Diablo
grew into a wildly wicked sociopath.

Being clever and cold, he lived up to his namesake, destroying hearts and hope with every path he crossed until he earned himself a ten year stint in Georgia’s harsh, backwards penitentiary.

Coming home with noble intentions and focused on his dream of being a successful writer, Diablo finds himself in a love triangle with the two women he absolutely will not compromise. Shady, his first true love, is back in his life but for how long? Her desire to seduce every man has Diablo second guessing their reborn relationship.

Meanwhile, his daughter’s mother, Lyric, seems to intuitively understand his every need and he finds it hard to tell her no, even when…

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