Author Spotlight: Theresa Hodge

Theresa Hodge

It is my pleasure to present to you this Alabama-based romance writer. The author of sixteen novels and a gifted poet, Ms. Hodge is an Alabama native – loving mother, wife, sister, aunt and friend. She is at her best when she is able to bring happiness to others. This author loves to read almost as much as she loves to write fictional stories. She finds writing to be therapeutic at times, especially during the loss of her oldest sister from breast cancer, which birthed her “Ask Me Again” Series. This was her first but this compilation led to her writing several other books.

Additionally, Theresa has a love affair with poetry. She began writing poetry at an early age and it served as a catalyst for her growth as a writer.

If Theresa can bring a smile to your face and encourage someone else along her journey, she considers it a blessing beyond measure.

Her works:

Noells Rock 1

Noelle’s Rock: A BWWM Holiday Romance is the first in a highly-rated trilogy.

The Official Blurb:

I love him enough to let go.
I hope Beau doesn’t take this the wrong way. I just want him to think about the words I’m about to say. I’m pregnant with another man’s child. A fact we seem to forget when we get caught up in our own little universe. I will start to show pretty soon and I don’t want to worry about a reporter popping out of the bushes every time we are together…I think we should end things now before I get hurt in the crossfire of his lifestyle. I have to concentrate on having a healthy baby and being the best mother I can to my baby.
I will never let her go. Ever.
I hold Noelle tight and squeeze her like I never want to let her go. I don’t give a damn if she’s pregnant by another man. Her baby is a part of her, and I will love every part of her. I will be there for her baby in a way that that sorry excuse of a man, Victor, could never man up to be. I love Noelle and her unborn child. I have no qualms about being with her forever, and I didn’t even believe in long-lasting relationships before Noelle. Now that she’s my woman, I don’t ever want to hear her talk about leaving me, ever again.

What would you do if the man you loved threw you out into the night, after you told him you were carrying his child? Would you fight for the love you once had, or walk away and begin to pick up the pieces of your life? Luckily for Noelle Winters, the meeting of a stranger puts her in the right place at the right time to take her out the cold and into the warmth of Rockstar Beau Barringer’s heart. The question is, will this unlikely connection survive color lines, distrust and the skeletons from the past.

A Few reviewer comments:

“Ms. Hodge uses this method of telling with an immediacy that is at once thrilling and deep. Seemingly simple. it is psychologically on target”-Francine Craft

“This author captured my attention from the very beginning in this book. Very well written!”-Marquetta Henderson

“This was a good read. I liked the romance aspect and the fact that two unlikely characters could fall in love against all odds.”-Tanith

ask me again

Ask Me Again (Second Chance Book 1) is the first in another highly rated trilogy. The blurb:

It took twelve long years for Alyssa Darden to come home. A place she promised to never revisit again. The loss of a dear friend sent her back to a place of old hurts that she must confront before she can truly live again.

Drake Peterson knows he was the cause of so much pain to the only woman he ever truly loved. He wants to set things right and he’s not going to lose the one opportunity to prove that a love like theirs will never die.

Alyssa has moved on with her life. She has a man who loves her, a career and friends in a new city that she calls home. She must fight Drake’s charismatic sway to try again…to open up her heart to the possibility of loving him again.

Will fate drive two hearts to open up to love again? Can past hurts and betrayal be healed through loving again? Or, will forgiveness open the door to second chances?

Some reviewer comments:

“Drake and Alyssa were so in love and so HOT together and I was rooting for them to get it together. The ending blew me away…what a surprise! I can’t wait for part 2, so I hope you’re writing it now. Kudos on such a refreshing love story”-Veronique

“Ask Me Again proved to be everything I thought it would be. This writer is not only polished and very good, she is gifted and I hope she fully realizes it.”-Francine Craft

“I absolutely loved this story!!! Having been touched by cancer in my family, that issue in this book really tugged at my heartstrings and made me grateful for the miracle of life.This book had it all. drama, passion, and love”-Amber N.

You're the one for me

You’re the One For Me is the first in another romantic trilogy by Ms. Hodge. The blurb:

Anne-Marie Johnston never stopped loving Damon Williams Jr. after his parents tore them apart just before they went to college. She has a blazing fire that sparks whenever she thinks about her first love who is now Pastor Damon Williams Jr. She attends Mt. Hill Missionary Baptist Church every Sunday morning just so she can be close to the young and restless pastor.

There was a time when Damon Williams Jr. knew for sure he had the one, but he respected his father’s opinion enough to put his feelings aside and leave Anne-Marie behind. Years later, he has stepped into his father’s shoes as pastor and is expecting his first child by his lovely first lady. However, he finds it hard to resist the pull towards Anne-Marie Johnston.

Will their sins ruin Damon’s parent’s legacy or will true love stand the test of time?​

Some reviewer comments:

“This is a page turner. First time reading this author.. will not be my last”-SGRho soror

This is a great book. Keep up the good work the characters seem so real….its just amazing!“-Jessica

Theresa Hodge has a great way of blending passion and romantic tension and pushing you just to the edge of your seat! I am definitely a fan!“-Jamesha Henderson


And this is just a sampling of the works by Ms. Hodge. Please visit her Amazon page to find the complete set. She can also be found:

On Facebook:

On Instagram and Twitter: @Poetic__Life

On Goodreads:




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