Author Spotlight-A.J. James

AJ James

I would like to take a moment to introduce an awesome writer, Ms. A.J. James. She is the author of The Weight of Light and the recently released short story, Raw Deal: Part 1 Penchant for Pain. Click here to read my review of The weight of Light (formerly entitled Crave).

A. J. James is a resident of Canada, currently devotedly working on the continuation of the Watcher Angels’ narratives. Her hobbies include photography, poetry, illustration, yoga, archery, dressage, energy work, recording music, target shooting, and practicing balance with her four extra-large rescue dogs. She also plans to become more adept at axe and knife-throwing, long-sword wielding and riding dragons… er, motorcycles.

Writer, reader, creator, seeker, warrior, rider, dreamer, rebel, teacher, trainer, listener, feminist, philosopher, procrastinator, animal lover… A. J. James enjoys researching and conversing subjects many people studiously avoid; interested in annihilating taboos and shameful silences and advocating for those in need whose voice has traditionally been silenced.

the weight of light

I have read and reviewed The Weight of Light and can honestly recommend it 1000%. But don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself. Lose yourself in the world of Arm’aros and Zoe.

The official blurb:

The carnal appetites of the disgraced Watcher Angels have devastated the fledgling human race – carving a bloody, brutal stain of perversion and depravity into pre-antediluvian history.

Arma’ros is one of these first Celestials to defy draconian Divine Law, becoming obsessed by his unique human charge and the possibilities offered by a different, wondrous and sensual new existence.

Zoe, an antiquities scholar obsessed with the last Key of Enoch, is afflicted with a bizarre talent that no other being on Earth possesses – the ability to detect and track down the Nephilim, the dangerous and unstable hybrid offspring of humans and Watchers.

Arma’ros desperately needs to rally the Watchers and Nephilim for the imminent prophesied battle of the End of Days, but Zoe’s gift and her own self-doubt makes her a target for Bar’zek, second to the diabolical Master, who has orchestrated and manipulated events since the Beginning.

Can Zoe and Arma’ros overcome their crippling past to rally the remaining Grigori and Nephilim, and, even more importantly, can they prevent the last Enochian Key – which will obliterate the gateway between the Heavenly and Earthly Realms – from falling into the grasp of the Master? Will they unlock a new age of unlimited Divine potential for humans – or unleash the total Apocalyptic annihilation of our Earth?

What other reviews had to say:

“It was new and refreshing. It grabbed my attention from the very beginning and held it all the way to the end.”-Miranda Shanklin

“For anyone interested in anything spiritual and, at the same time sensual, I would highly recommend this new author.”-Melinda Polet

“The Weight of Light is an interesting and thought-provoking read. It is, in equal measures, sensual and spiritual
A.J. James has a way of writing that is both lyrical and informative”-Rainne Atkins

To get in touch with Ms. James:

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