Author Spotlight: Ashley Uzzell

AShley Uzzell

Please allow me to take a moment to introduce a Ashley Uzzell, a multi-talented author who has written in practically every genre. She has recently published a children’s book, Spunky and the Wizard’s Chair, and collected of poetry (co-authored by Annette Suggs) called I Laughed, I Cried, I crapped Myself: Poetry of Life. She writes in others genres under other pen names.

Ashley Uzzell lives in North Carolina with her four children and three cats. When she isn’t chasing her girls around she is reading, writing, gaming, sewing or watching anime.

I laughed

The official blurb:

Prepare yourself for an unusual mix of poetry and verse!

Two authors share poems written over many decades throughout their lives. The results are whimsical, dark, philosophical, silly, romantic, heart-wrenching, and even include cats!

What reviewers are saying:

“The bond between grandmother and granddaughter has never been clearer than in this book of poetry from both authors. They shared emotions, beliefs, moments, and most importantly, they shared life together”-Garrison Gaines-Temons

“An excellent collection of poetry that includes pieces that are sad, funny, and touching”-A. Swanson

spunky and the wizard's chair

The official blurb:

Spunky is a normal cat. His human is a wizard.
What happens one day when the wizard brings home a magical chair? Spunky’s curiosity gets him in trouble!

Join Spunky on his very first magical adventure!

What reviewers are saying:

“I loved this story’s illustrations. Especially the close-ups of Spunky thinking about things. The story was funny and imaginative and I enjoyed the author’s creativity. A quick read and fun for all ages”-Ryan Guy

“This is a fun and entertaining kids story. I found myself laughing and enjoying the pictures. Am looking forward to more stories of Spunky.”-K. Meador

To get in touch with Mrs. Uzzell:

  1. On Amazon:
  2. On her website:
  3. On Twitter:@authorauzzell
  4. On Facebook:
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