Author Spotlight-Kelly O. Ilebode

Kelly Ilebode

Kelly Oliver Ilebode is a prolific author with nine books under belt. She is a self-published author and lives in Malden Massachusetts. She was born in Skowhegan, Maine the seventh child out of ten and at the age of five, she was placed in the first of four foster homes. The very morning after she graduated from Carrabec High School in North Anson, Maine, Kelly hopped on a Grey Hound bus and headed to Boston, Massachusetts. She was seventeen. Despite her turbulent childhood Kelly was able to use her writing as an escape from the real world.

Her first self-published book was a leap of faith on her own abilities as a writer. Staying true to who she was she writes from the heart and has a devoted following to her books.

In Search of Grace (August 2012, her first published work, tells the story of how one woman was faced with not only confronting her past, but accepting it. With the help of friends, she learned that she did not have to face the world alone. In Search of Grace hit number 5 on the free downloads one month after publication and gave her the much needed confidence to keep writing.

April 2015, The Corner Booth, Kelly’s first Mafia Romance was published, quickly rising to reach #23 on Amazon’s Bestselling list for that genre.

Kelly is the mother of four human children, two feline children, and one very manic Chihuahua.

Let’s see a sampling of some of her works:

the corner booth

The Corner Booth (A Carras Enterprise Novel Book 1) is the first of a series. Here is the official blurb:

Cassandra Oliver, a small town girl with big dreams, left Vermont with nothing but hope for a better future and a job waiting for her as a nanny in Boston. She knew this move would be life changing in so many ways. Having spent her childhood shuttled from one family to another; every decision made for her – Cassie made a promise to herself, that when she was on her own, she would be the one in control and she would allow no one to make her think differently.

“My happiness does not come from how much is in my bank account; it is the arms that hold me at night that make me far richer than anyone I know.”

For Sakis Carras, one of the most powerful, wealthiest and dangerous men on the East Coast, the words spoken by his friend haunted him. His successful business empire, which he started from the ground up, was everything he had worked so hard for and he was living the American Dream. Sakis controlled his empire with no apologies or regrets – until he met Cassandra. Letting her into his life, Sakis realized quickly that he had met his match in every way and he learned the hard way that she could not be so easily controlled.

What reviewers had to say:

“HOLY COW…this is one of THE BEST books I have EVER read. It was astonishing! I can only hope, beg, plead that this book becomes part of a series and is not a standalone”-Amazon Customer (looks like this customer’s wish came true 🙂 )

“The writing style is fantastic and noticeable that the author is very talented. The dialog really pulls you into the book and makes you feel like you are a part of the storyline.”-Lin_(Nerdy Bookworm)

“Kelly Ilebode is a new author to me, but as soon as I finished reading this book, I instantly bought another one of hers.”-Author Jennifer Owen Davies

Dragan's Redemption

Dragan’s Redemption (The Manor at Echo Lake Trilogy 1) is the first of a paranormal romance trilogy. Here is the official blurb:

Amira Coulter had spent her young 26-year life battling a serious but manageable blood disorder. When her doctor told her that somehow an anomaly had manifested within her cells and that she was going to die, she decided that it was time to start living. Selling everything she owned, she jumped at the opportunity to rent the storybook cottage on Echo Lake in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Instantly attracted to the handsome doctor that owned the property she worked hard to break down his barriers in hopes to to experience love before it was too late.

Dragan Reynolds, a well-respected doctor at Brigham & Woman’s Hospital in Boston had desperately spent more than half of those years trying to save his soul from the fires of hell. Discovering his twin brother Aaron had rented out the cottage on his property without his permission, he wanted nothing more than for the tenant to be gone – until he met her. From the moment of their first meeting, Dragan was mesmerized by her carefree spirit and lust for life. Eventually learning of her illness, Dragan realized that he was the only person on earth that could save her from death but would he have the faith and courage to sacrifice everything, including his own life, for the one he loved the most.

Here are what reviewers are saying:

“The story was fresh, and the characters were well developed. Over all it was well written. The author has a new take on vampirism, that I’ve never seen before”-Dottie Elrick

“This is an interesting take on vampires with them being allowed to do and experience more then many stories allow. This leads to a more fully developed story and also to an ending which is both surprising and touching. Well edited, strong adult scenes that leave you with a better feel for the over all characters and also some romance so you feel you are seeing into the characters thoughts. A few secrets and some plot twists make this an unusual novel and worth reading.”-Over the Rainbow

“This book was just amazing! It has you feeling every single emotion and honestly kept me on my toes while reading it. Be prepared to have no plans for the day when you read this. Definitely could not put it down lol”-spurlock

birth of a sparrow

The Birth of a Sparrow (Kelly and the Angel Book 1) is the first in a paranormal thriller series. Here is the official blurb:

Kelly Austin knew the day her apartment was robbed, and a seemingly innocent item stolen, that her world was about to change forever. Every secret she held deep inside of her was now in the hands of a stranger and Kelly would do anything to get it back before its contents were revealed. As her life starts to unravel around her, Kelly is forced to admit, by a persistent Detective, that maybe not all of her secrets were meant to be kept to herself, or that she would have to face the storms of the world alone.

From the moment of their first meeting, Detective Michael Harding realized that Kelly was different from any person e had ever met before. Kelly’s obsession in wanting to find her stolen journal, led him to hear the mysterious and frightening words that she put down on paper, ultimately learning the truth of who she really was, that of a modern day prophet. Sensing her panic at the turmoil erupting around her, Michael let go of everything he ever believed to help Kelly accept her fate, taking them both on a wild and dangerous journey that would not only change how they saw themselves, but the world.

What reviewers are saying about it:

“This is an interesting book that follows the experiences of a young woman who is psychic. Her concerns about how people will react to her visions feel very real, as do the reactions of those who tells. The book is well written, although the dialoque [sic] could use a few more contractions. I enjoyed this book. It appears to be part of a series, and I’m looking forward to reading the other books.”NM Reader

To get in touch with Mrs. Ilebode:

  1. On her website:
  2. On Amazon:
  3. On Twitter: @kellyandangel
  4. On Goodreads:




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