Great News! Griffin is getting out of the Brig!


Kirsten Campbell  has already blown our minds with the debut of Griffin and Tassta, the star-crossed lovers caught up in a pivotal moment in history, in which the former will play an important role. So if you have not yet grabbed your copy of Blood Master: Book 1 of G.O.D.S. series, now is a great time to do so.

Now, the long-awaited sequel, Blood Phase: Book 2 of the G.O.D.S series is finally on pre-order!


Griffin Storm is one of the best characters in any book I have ever read. He was even kind enough meet with me. So I am definitely looking forward to seeing what’s next for Griffin and the Brotherhood Fortress.

Here is what’s in store for Book 2:

November 12, 2052: Earth has lost two thirds of its population to the Great War. Many more lives were lost to earthquakes, the Clover Virus, and the Death Plague. Years later, survivors are clumped into factions. Two of the factions, the Brotherhood and the Guild Faction have fought over medical supplies and food for years. The fight is coming to a head as manpower dwindles and the struggle becomes one to gain numbers, even if said numbers are children… Griffin Storm, (an albino man that was kidnapped and dragged into the Brotherhood,) has transformed into a G.O.D., a genetically enhanced Omni Dimensional. Two weeks in the brig, and Griffin’s released after it’s found that he’s learned to control some of his god-like abilities. His abilities have grown almost as much as his love for Tassta Vinetti and his unfortunate blood lust. His bond with Tassta’s twin brother, Penn, has grown as well, and their friendship is cemented in secrets. Soon after his release, Griffin’s told that Guild agents and the notorious Trips (super agents of the Guild) are in the Underground. He must now test his abilities to save the abandoned children that live there. Will Griffin rescue the children of the Underground from a tragic end? Will Tassta and Griffin’s love survive such turmoil? Can a G.O.D. forgive himself when death and destruction follow his every move? Read Blood Phase, the gripping second book in the G.O.D.s Series!

Who is Ms. Campbell?

About the Author Kirsten Campbell is the author of several published Science Fiction, Speculative & Urban Paranormal Fantasy short stories. She’s also a published poet. Her work has been published in Bewildering Stories, The Pittsburgh Quarterly Online, Ascent Magazine, The Fairfield Review, Poets-Artists & Madmen, Interracial Voice, Sagazine Online, The Write Gallery, The CoffeehousePress Journal, Beauty Talk, COBRA, and several other magazines. Her Urban Paranormal novel, Blood Master-Book 1 of The G.O.D.s Series was a Top 100 Best Seller. Blood Phase -Book 2 of the G.O.D.s Series will be released on March 3, 2017. Kirsten is also the author of Darkness Calls, a Young Adult book of Speculative/ Paranormal short stories, & of Perfect Chaos, a book of previously published poetry, (a #1 New Release for 3 weeks.) She also co-authored Chocolate & Diamonds for the Woman’s Soul, (a #1 International Best Seller and Hot New Release.) Her poetry chapbook, “The Abandoning Kind,” was published by Puddinghouse Press in 2009, and her chapbook, “Poetry from the Covert Bourgeoisie,” was published by Ladybug Press in 2006. Social Media Author Links Facebook

If you would like to get in touch with her: Street Team Kirsten Campbell ~ G.O.D.s Blog Website GoodReads

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