Bio: Jessica Wren is a writer who has published exactly one ebook. She has created this page to share her infinite wisdom with professionals such as herself. A high school teacher in a small Georgia city, she knows everything about being a cop, a lawyer, a drug dealer, a serial killer, a teenage boy, and every other known identity. She gives top-notch professional advice about writing by which she consistently fails to abide. Her other talents include boring teenagers to death, aggravating her husband, driving extra-slow when others are behind her, and dropping food on her blouse. Jessica's ultimate dream is to retire to a one-room shack with 20 cats, where she will sit on the porch and shout "Get out of my yard!" while swinging a broom at anyone who happens to pass by. Follow me on twitter @wrennovels Visit my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JessicaWrenFiction?ref=hl Email me at jessicawrennovels@hotmail.com

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      • Thank you Jessica. I have just started your book and may I say the standard of your writing is excellent. I’m up to chapter 5 so I’ll give you a review of the story when I finish.


      • I have starting reading Tissue of Lies and I am really into it. I can’t wait to find about what Julie finds out when she meets Mrs. Pollard. There are a few punctuation errors, but they can be overlooked in light of how easy of a read it is and your suspenseful plot.


      • I will let you know as soon as I’m done. I may take a bit longer than you to read, but I’m 58% of the way through. I spend 24/7 with my husband and sometimes it’s difficult to find quiet time.


      • No problem, take your time. i am finished with Tissue of Lies. let me know when you are ready to exchange reviews.

        I loved the story, as the suspense and character development were superb. My only recommendation would be that you have it proofed for punctuation. Otherwise, when you are ready to exchange reviews, you can expect fine stars. read my newest blog for my full review


      • I do know it has several puctuation errors. Please read my post ‘It’s Getting Better’ and you’ll see I’m in the middle of correcting these errors. I originally priced my book at $2.99, but recognising it needs proofreading I reduced it to $1.62 until I publish the corrected version. I sent you an email about yours and hope you’ve received it.


  1. From the book page, if you click on ‘continue shopping in USA’ it will take you to my book in amazon.com. Sorry if it’s confusing. That’s what I had to do with your book, only in reverse, so I could buy it from Amazon.co.uk.


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