ICE is free July 7-11


I am humbled and amazed by how well my first novella has been received. With 70+ reviews between Amazon and Goodreads, it has been a great joy to know that most readers have enjoyed ICE. Is it perfect? No, but the vast majority of readers have said that they enjoyed the small-town feel, the suspense, and the sense of community.

ICE tells the story of one fateful November morning when the the fictional town of Minterville, Georgia, is brutalized by vicious thugs. Twenty women are kidnapped and set in a death trap that can quite literally be described as cold. Time is ticking away as the rest of the town scrambles to come up with a viable rescue plan.

Here are what some reviewers have said about ICE:

“This book is a crazy (in a good way) mixture of supernatural, thriller, and mystery.” Emily Woodmansee, who gave it 4 stars.

“The twist this story takes left me caring more about ICE and it’s characters than any book I read recently.” Barbara Chioffi, who gave it 5 stars.

“This was an enjoyable read and the story was good…This being a great beginning to a writing career, there are some things that I personally feel could have made this story far better.” Tom Fallwell, who rated it 3.5 stars.

“A fast paced entertainment that sets the scene frot an uncertain future.” Mmcqu2005, who rated it 5 stars.

“Very interesting storyline…unique writing style.” Amanshay, who rated it 4 stars.

“The plot was excellent, the descriptive a done in a way that made the author’s research excellent.” Amazon Pygmy Reviews, who rated it 5 stars.

“This had an excellent plot that kept m reading to the end but it could have been so much more…[the author] is talented and I would read more…just need more development.” Loki, who rated it three stars.

ICE is also the precursor to my upcoming C.I.N. Dystopian trilogy. If you are interested, check it out free until the 11th. Thank you for your support of indie authors.


Ice Character Spotlight-DeWayne Burgess

Character: Dewayne Burgess

Age; 22

Occupation: paramedic, pre-med student

Family: Georgeanna (“Georgie”) and Nolan Burgess (parents), Kira Holmes (girlfriend)

Tenderhearted but quick-thinking DeWayne is about to face the toughest moment of his life. His skills as a paramedic will come in handy when he has to assist in a strange rescue.

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Author Spotlight-Tristan Cruz

“You can’t cross the ocean by staring at the waves.”

The Space Between by Tristan Cruz is an original yet thrilling twist on the star-crossed lovers theme. The story follows lovers Jack and Maddy as they both come to terms with painful pasts and try to recreate a new life with each other. Told in first person with alternating points of view by Jack and Maddy, Tristan is an expert at drawing the readers into the characters’ pains and joys. And the playful, lighthearted, and often sarcastic banter between the characters dilutes the syrupy sweetness that you often find in romance novels.

When Maddy first spots Jack when he is working as a contractor at her home, she is certain that he is the same man who had saved her life nine years earlier. As the two fall deeper in love, Jack’s past catches up with him. The reader can feel Jack’s pain as he struggles with the dilemma of hiding forever with the woman he loves or seeking vengeance on those who have caused him so much harm. The sex scenes are sensual and erotic but not pornographic.

Cruz’ writing style is wordy (like John Steinbeck wordy), but his words are like poetry and music, which negates the excessive wordiness. The major themes that Cruz explores are loss and grief (each one of the major characters in the novel has lost someone they loved), letting go, and moving on. Other themes include police corruption, independence, justice, and cowardice vs. bravery.

Cruz’ work is  pure, raw emotion that will take the reader (in the author’s word word) “to places [you] have never been before.” He was right; very rarely have I felt so emotionally satisfied after reading a novel. Well done, Mr. Cruz. You definitely have a future in writing.

Oh, and by the way, Tristan Cruz is also extremely smoking hot :).

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