The Solomon Project

Coming March 2016.

By 2047, the parasitic Conference of Independent Nations (CIN) has stripped the United States of its sovereignty and has implemented the insidious Solomon Project. Under The Project, 83% of baby boys are sterilized at birth. The few fertile men, called Solomons, are expected to be surrogate fathers for the oppressed population. Frustration, anger, and feelings of helplessness are taking their toll.

Eddie Ruiz is a Solomon and a medium.  When a battle of egos culminates into the spread of a deadly virus, all infected people are ordered relocated to a gruesome death camp. Together with his spiritual guardian, Queen Bathsheba, Eddie must use his rare powers to call up the Bible’s most powerful kings and warriors to stop the grisly holocaust. But summoning spirits can be fatal for a medium, an d if Eddie dies, not by will thousands be killed, but his family will be placed on CIN’s dreaded ‘watch list.’