The Cadiz Beach Series

This series revolves around the Hawthorne, the McPherson, and the Cruz families, who live in the fictional Cadiz Beach, Florida. A prominent neuro-psychiatrist and paranormal expert named Dr. Melvin Brookshire and his team have been studying the so-called “elementals,” people with varying degrees of psychic abilities and who share common traits. He names them after the classical Greek elements after an extensive study has revealed six distinct elemental profiles that seem to correspond with one of the five classical elements and the “Plethos” who possess traits of all five. Dr. Brookshire’s theory is that the elementals respond in a different manner to different brain chemicals. The six profiles are the Geos (Earth Elementals), the Pyros (the Fire Elementals), the Hydros (Water Elementals), the The Aeros (Wind Elementals), the Aetheros (Quintessentials), and the Plethos (The Consummates). There are also the Kenos who possess no elemental traits and are believed to be soulless.

One out of every 13 people worldwide is an Elemental. But in Cadiz Beach, the number is one out of three, and Dr. Brookshire wants to figure out why. As he is conducting his research, Cadiz Beach is suffering under the iron fist of the Irish Mob. Six youths, who each fit one of the six Elemental Profiles, are all descendants of the infamous Mob Boss Connor Cahill, and another five are descendants of Susana Flores de Blanco, an 88 year-old woman in El Salvador who is the only known living Consummate.


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