Interview with Jack Casey from “Amongst the Killings” by Joe Compton


amongst the killings

A character interview with Jack Casey, an enigmatic serial killer from Joe Compton’s Amongst the Killings.

1. What are some of your triggers? What sets you off to make you feel the urge to kill someone? I’ve noticed you work impulsively rather than methodically.

Stupidity, laziness, and disrespect. I am not talking for just me per say but so many take for granted there place here. Most of who I speak of fall into an arrogant, devolved, and simple thought that the world owes them something.They have never had to fight for their place in line or thought to evolve and be better.    

2. When did you first notice that you think and feel differently than most people?

Well I suppressed it for so long. It was always there. Maybe I didn’t understand it fully or was ready for it but in some level it existed. 

3. What if the situations were reversed; that is to say, Chuck killed Sarah and Pamela? What do you think should happen to him?

Well first off, you all love to play this silly game of what if, and that’s living in the clouds you all hope are there for you in the end. It quite frankly would never happen because I would never let it. He would never get close enough to that opportunity.  

4. Those who read your story are never quite clear about how you feel about your wife. Would you care to tell us a little more about her?

Sarah is the mother of my child and for that she will always be a little bit more tolerable and given a longer leash than most but somewhere she lost her way. I really thought when I first met her she was different and she was. She stood up to me, didn’t put up with me, and gave as good as she got. Maybe she didn’t know who I really was but she had a thought. She had to but she just plays this game of ignorance and for that I will just use her for what it’s worth. It makes me sad honestly. She was as feisty as she was beautiful, and she was stunning, but now she is ugly in every way. I lost all respect for her, something I never thought I would. Enough with this question.

5. In contrast, your feelings for your daughter are clear. What are your hopes and dreams for her?

That she isnt suppressed like I am. That she finds her way. 

6. Was the murder of Street’s family a challenge to draw him into your game?
No, the opposite. I wanted him to spiral and throw him off his game.

7. You talk briefly about your father, and not in positive terms. I guess he was a prick? Do you think he shaped your beliefs?
He suppressed them. Now before the psycho-analysis begins let me be clear, his being a prick was more harm to him than me. I never was affected like most of these headshrinkers would think I was. If anything it woke me up faster and for that I have to be nothing but grateful but I do wish I had the opportunity to put my hands around my throat, if nothing more than to show him what true power really is because he had  no idea how to exhibit his.   

8. What about your mother? You mentioned she suffered domestic violence at your father’s hands.

She was a coward. She didn’t fight for anything, she took it. She might have thought she did so for me but all she did was show that she had no idea how to handle a situation. 

9. Do you have a preferred method of killing or does it matter?

It does not, all that matters is I make you dead.

10. What advice would you give people to avoid falling victim to people like you?

What does that matter you wouldn’t listen. People like me are the evolution of the human species not the exception. Until you reach those heights understanding and reasoning are suppressed by ignorance and judgement.
11. Anything else you’d like to say to those reading your story? How about to the one who has complete control of your mind and your destiny, Mr. Compton?
If you think you know me or the whole story, just wait you haven’t seen nothing yet and to Mr. Compton I will say only one thing, Thank you…..thank you for nothing.